Take part in the BoB project!

Different types of collaborators are sought, each of them finding different types of benefit from the collaboration in The BoB project.

Research Institutions will benefit from an early contact with a novel cell culture technology that will foster their R&D activity in the field and provide them with better publishing opportunities.

Product companies, such as components producers, will have the chance to have their products integrated within the Bolt-on Bioreactor, thus strengthening their presence in the market and spreading the use of their products in cell culture laboratories.

Investors of any size have the opportunity to invest in a viable project with very high forecast rentability.

Individuals from very different backgrounds can collaborate in the many tasks that require helpful hands and minds.

Do not hesitate to contact us for collaboration opportunities!

The different areas where help is needed are the following:

Open design management

Prototypes design and construction (automation, control unit and culture chamber)
Prototypes testing
CAD - 3D drawing

Product specifications
Process specifications
Product design and engineering
Supply chain management

Mechanical product validation
Biological product validation
Quality control

Quality assurance and regulatory compliance
Standardization and certification

Market communication
Market research
Text writing and editing
Graphical design
Web design
Web management
Web content production
Audiovisual content production (video-tutorials and others)
Community management
Public presentations of product and project (trade shows and customers)

General management
Intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial designs)
Project management
Public relations
Business intelligence
Information and communication technologies (ICT) management

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