The Bolt-on Bioreactor

After conducting a thorough research on available culture systems for adherent cells, we believe that a successful alternative to existing devices must give answer to four mayor challenges:

Challenge #1: To develop a system that provides a huge surface area for optimum cell attachment in a reduced volume. The surface should be well suited for cell attachment. The culture area should be enough to produce at least ten times as many cells as standard devices. The size of the culture device should be such that it can be easily handled by a technician in a laboratory furnished with standard equipment.

Challenge #2: To develop a system that automates a continuous culture process for anchorage dependent cells, avoiding cellular stress cycles such as discontinuous medium replacement and intermittent cell detachment. The system should provide homeostatic culture conditions throughout the culture process and programming and manual control options to modify culture conditions. Relevant parameters should be recordable.

Challenge #3: To develop a system where cell culture occurs in a contained chamber where contamination risks are minimized even when manipulated in non-classified laboratories. The system should be provided sterile, ready to use and, when in use, it should protect the cell culture from contamination from the surrounding environment.

Challenge #4: To develop a system economically feasible, that can be produced and marketed providing economic benefits to both vendor and customer.

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